Jamby facing disqualification over ‘anti-corruption iPad’? Comelec probing ‘LP bet’ for vote-buying

MANILA, Philippines – A senatorial candidate of Team PNoy is in trouble with the Commission on Elections for offering an iPad to netizens who can best complete the sentence, “Corruption is bad because…”

Comelec Chairman Sixto Brillantes Jr., on Tuesday said the poll body is investigating the candidate for vote buying and the candidate may face disqualification if proven guilty. He declined to name the candidate, only saying that person is part of the Senate slate of the Liberal Party-led coalition.

A review of the social media accounts of candidates turned up an offer by Jamby Madrigal, a former senator seeking a political comeback via the LP-led ticket, to hand out an iPad to netizens participating in a contest.

“We are  investigating if there is a violation committed by a candidate of the administration, senatorial candidate. It appears from that person’s Twitter and Facebook accounts that there is a small game where he/she will give as a prize an iPad,” Brillantes said in a press conference.

“We are checking if there is a violation for using Facebook and Twitter account, lumalabas na ‘Friends of the Candidate’, apparently  using the account, are offering a game, na parang may pa-kontes siya tapos kapag nanalo ka, bibigyan ka ng iPad,” Brillantes said.

“We have records that the Twitter account was used in the candidate’s favor, [the same with the] Facebook [account],” he added.

A check on the internet showed that on Facebook, an account named “Friends of Jamby” is inviting netizens to win a iPad by liking the page and completing the sentence, “Corruption is bad because…”

On the Twitter account of senatorial candidate Jamby Madrigal @TheRealJamby, she posted “Speak your mind about corruption and win an iPad.”

“This will fall under the illegal campaign [for vote-buying because you are giving a prize],” Brillantes said.

If the candidate is proven guilty, the Comelec will file a disqualification case against the senatorial aspirant.

“I hope [the candidate is listening and will review his/her actions. No prize has been given out yet anyway. I’m sure the candidate knows who he/she is,” he said.

Asked what the gender of the candidate is, Brillantes said: “Ewan ko, bahala siya.

By: Ernie Reyes, InterAksyon.com


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