Unity walk kicks off campaign for clean, safe polls in 2013

Photo by Pinoy Politika

An early morning unity walk led by the Commission on Elections, police and military on Sunday kicked off the government’s campaign for a safe and clean election on May 13.

 The unity walk, followed by a prayer rally in Quezon City, marked the start of the election period for the May polls.

Comelec spokesman James Arthur Jimenez tweeted a photo showing personnel of the Comelec, Philippine National Police and Armed Forces of the Philippines attending the event.

He also tweeted another photo showing participants lighting unity candles.

“A brilliant dawn for unity in the 2013 Election Period,” he said.

Participants pledged to do their part to ensure clean and honest polls on May 13.

“Hearing the voter’s pledge rising up to meet the morning, issuing from the throats of hundreds of united women and men, is something else,” Jimenez tweeted.

The PNP said the participants started from various points and converged at the Quezon Memorial Circle.

In a news release, the PNP also said the walk marks the start of the election period, “targeting the humane and spiritual side of the electorate.”

Earlier, Comelec chairman Sixto Brillantes Jr. and other officials led the inspection of checkpoints in Metro Manila.

Brillantes also tweeted reminders to gun owners that their permits to carry firearms outside residence are suspended during the election period.

However, he also reminded citizens to assert their rights against illegal searches in checkpoint operations.  — LBG, GMA News  http://www.gmanetwork.com/news/story/290055/news/nation/unity-walk-kicks-off-campaign-for-clean-safe-polls-in-2013


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